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Active leisure | Norviliskių pilis

Active leisure

Active leisure is not only sports games, but the adrenaline in our blood. It is known from the ancient times, that the best way to relax is to have active leisure. If you are tired with monotony, like challenges and are ready for adventures, you will find the widest range of active leisure in Norviliškės.

Axes and Knives Throwing Competition

Leisure liked by both men and women, which demonstrate that not everything depends on strength. Duration – about an hour and a half.

Horse Riding

Don’t worry if you are riding a horse for the first time. Riding instructor will help you overcome your fear and teach you to sit in the saddle the right way and enjoy the ride. If you are not new to the horse ride, just go ahead!

Painting a Picture

Each participant gets one piece of the future picture. Common creation is built with as many pieces as players are. All the participants paint the picture on a canvas. Size of the picture is 90 x 70 cm. Duration of the game – three hours.

Tree Climbing

Ropes and special structures are used during this game. Participants are divided into teams, which compete climbing the trees. The fastest team wins.

Adventurous Orienteering

Along the special Adventurous Orienteering trail points with tasks and their descriptions are established. Teams have to follow directions, find hidden points, take the trail of surprises, find the real goal and collect a dozen “mushrooms” in the mushroom field.

Night Adventurous Orienteering

The same as Adventurous Orienteering, only takes place at the nighttime. The tasks have to be done more acurately and attentively. It’s a funny game, involving all participants and making them fight for a team.

Shooting at Clay Pigeons (Trap Shooting)

This type of shooting, called Trap, is popular since president Antanas Smetona. The goal is to hot flying “clay pigeon” (clay disk). You will wee for yourself how difficult for Daina Gudzinevičiūtė was to win at the Olympics. Duration of shooting depends on quantity of cartridges and disks.

Shooting Bows and Crossbows at a Target

The bow is one of the oldest weapons. Shooting the bow is a test not only for accuracy, but for spiritual balance and self control. Duration of the exercise is about an hour and a half.

Shooting Wild Animals with the Bow

It is a real hunt, only bloodless. Natural sized animals are placed along a forest trail. Duration of the event is up to three hours.

Field hockey

It is floor ball transferred on the grass. It is played with special sticks. It’s a team game, venture and involving every guest.

Relay – race

It’s a funny, feel-good, not difficult relay-race for teams. t’s “chicken hunting”, “egg travel”, “pirate legs”, “undine tail”, “duckling dance”.The winner is the fastest one. If you order knight show – the “knight relay”- race is available. Duration – up to 1,5 hour.

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