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Leisure activities | Norviliskių pilis

Leisure activities

Authentic 16th century castle of Norviliškės is a perfect place for concerts or evenings of different stiles. What else could strengthen the spirit of the castle than evenings with music and show?

Knight’s show

Dramatized knight’s fights with real armature and real swords. It’s a theatricalized show, taking you to the ancient times, when the knights had to fight for the ladies heart with the swords, not the words.

Fire show

You can watch the theatricalized fire dance through the castle balcony or from the terrace. Fire devourers, jugglers will make you groan from the rapture. It is recommended to watch at the dark time.

Shooting with the burning arrows

The performance of the burning arrows, swooping up in the sky. It is recommended in the dark time.

Cannon installation

Cannon shots can be a top of the grand evening. You can welcome the midnight with cannon shots, invite your guests to the balcony and pronounce the start of the evening.

Ancient dances

Ancient dances reflect the spirit of renaissance. You will be able not only to admire the glides of the dancers and the rustle of the dresses but to learn yourself a several steps of the ancient dances and turn in the dance whirl according to the sounds of medieval music.

The concert of ancient music.

It perfectly fits as background while the guests are having dinner or as an entertainment – demonstrative part of the evening.

Dance Lessons
Depending on your preference or theme of the event, we can offer you professional dance instructors and choreographers assistance.We can learn from classical dance - waltz, tango, rumba, etc. by a pair of fun and entertaining liner ”solo” (dancing without partner, all together). Why is this useful lesson to make memorable entertainment? It is currently very fashionable to dance.

Popular music concerts
In the party we listen to the freneticlife of popular music artists. Do you have a favorite artist or group? Or maybe you want to listen to the popular Lithuanian and foreign cover? We offer and help you choose the most relevant artistsand leading to make your event a memorable andimpressive.


Probably nowadays fewer people are aware that this is an ancient musical instrument in Lithuanian. And whether you have heard or seen how they played? We can give you the opportunity to listen to this in recent times have ”non-traditional” instrument now works performed live. So happy polka, and classical and Latin American rhythms played skrabalai cheer and encourage more than one guest. Duration - up to an hour.

The tasting of wine, mead, cognac, brandy and beer.

Of course, all of which are probably tasted these drinks, but does not really know how to evaluate each wine aroma, color, and not everyone knows the history of drink or taste sensations.

Illusionists Shows
During the festival, appearing on a professional magician for your evening will give a mystical and the admiration of surprise or make one shudder at the guest.

The show of Chocolate making

Who can resist temptation not only taste the melt-in-the-mouth chocolate, but to make it in your own hands. We will introduce you the traditions of chocolate making and teach you to make it right here. And the size, shape and taste will depend only on your fantasy and contrivance. Price – 80 Lt per person.

Highlighting the sky fireworks spectacular - a frequent event of admiration hallow getting more than one guest. Subscribe to provide fireworks for events in Norviliskes Castle.

Old-fashioned dinner
This is not a simple dinner, which you can get at any restaurant. This is a program of medieval and dinner together - an attraction that you can taste the dishes of medieval and medieval learn their eating traditions. And that’s not all. Driving - ”monk” will present each dishand tell the whole story of the castle, the medieval present the games and you will only enjoy the games … dinner time - up to3 hours.

At your request, in addition, in the following events, we can arrange and many others. You can perform well-known artists, to lead the event - well-known presenters, etc. You just have to give us your wishes and and we’ll turn them into reality.

For more information, contact:
Tel. 8-682 41155
E’mail:  info@pilys-dvarai.lt

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