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Party organization | Norviliskių pilis

Party organization

At the Norviliškės castle different events and parties are organized.  The castle is the best place to celebrate different occasions and events.

When you come to the Norviliškės castle, rebuilt after the authentic 16th century estate, you will find yourself in lively and artistic atmosphere of Renaissance with a slight draft of medieval ages. Who dares to resist meal of the Renaissance époque? To drink mead from the ancient horn? To watch knights fighting? Such pleasures and entertainment can be found here, in Norviliškės.

We can arrange for theme evenings of different époques and times with appropriate decoration, music and apparel, organizing games, attractions and award ceremonies.

Wedding is the unique festival of life. We offer you to celebrate it at the Norviliškės castle, which is full with love stories and legends. Vaitiekus Šorcas built the castle as a proof of bright life, everlasting love and faith to his beloved Darata. It was here that the couple spent the happiest days of their lives.


Theme evenings is another type of entertainment at the Norviliškės castle. We offer to organize private Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Midsummer Day evenings for companies.

We can invite your favorite celebrities, party hosts and so on. You can find entertainment not only at the castle and its surroundings, but watch performances of the artists, shows and concerts.


Once a baby is born the baptizing ceremony is a huge family celebration. We ask you to give us all the concerns related to the event and have a wonderful celebration at the Norviliškės castle with your guests.

You do not have to worry about the baptizing place. You can have the ceremony at the church right beside the Norviliškės castle, and we will help you arrange all the documents necessary.

After the ceremony you are kindly invited to celebrate at the castle.

We can offer large variety of baptizing ceremony celebrations, games and entertainment. You would choose the best of traditional celebrations that we offer.

Let your wishes become reality!

Norviliškių pilis