How to find

Norviliškės is 80 kilometers away from Vilnius. If you want to come to Norviliškės castle, you have to travel by Lyda’s highway to Šalčininkai (E85 A15). Once there, take a road through the town until you reach the first traffic lights. Then turn left. You will see a sign DIEVENIŠKĖS 24 KM. After 10-12 kilometers you will reach a border post, so be prepared to show your IDs. When you reach DIEVENIŠKĖS, take the main street (by the beautiful wooden church on the left). After turning the whole circle and descending from the hill you will reach the river Gauja. 300 more meters and you will see the crossroads, JURGELIONYS and RUDNIA. Take the RUDNIA direction. After turning right go 12 kilometers by the gravel road. Turn right 100 meters remaining to the sign Daulėnai. You should see the sign Norviliškės 2 km. Couple of kilometers, and you will be at the spot. HAVE A GOOD TRIP

Norviliškių pilis