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Locality | Norviliskių pilis


Some say that in 1939, when the new borderline of Lithuania was drawn in Kremlin, Stalin’s pipe was left on the map. Nobody would touch it, so they drew the borderline around it. That is how the loop of Dieveniškės was formed. It is unique corner of Lithuania, deeply ploughed into the territory of Belarus.

One of the most beautiful places in the Historical Regional Park of Dieveniškės is the castle of Norviliškės. The monumental castle built in the 16th century is a pearl of history and archeology. For centuries it served as a shelter for the Franciscan monks. Now the castle blends into the beautiful landscape, reminding old times. The place is well known in Europe, especially in Poland.

You would see a horse-pulled carriage more often than a shiny car. Authentic street villages stretch for couple of miles. There are no steadings, so there are no homesteads of country tourism. You would rarely find a stranger here. It is like Neringa 20 years ago.

The nature and landscape is unique, unseen in other places of Lithuania. There was no last ice-age here. Barbora Radvilaitė lived in an estate near Dieveniškės. She used to pray in the church of Dieveniškės built in the middle of the 15th century.

This place is full of history. Thousand year-old tombstones, mythological stones with mystic symbols, old oaks and legends about hidden treasures of Napoleon and Franciscan monks…

Norviliškių pilis