Sunday dinner

Renewing the “Sunday Dinner” traditions in Norviliskiu castle, this year we offer our guests a special 3 hour program. During this program You will have an opportunity to taste exclusive nobleman’s dishes, get acquainted with medieval meal traditions, games, the history of the castle and it’s surroundings.

And it‘s not nearly all pleasant surprises waiting for you.

If you have little one’s not think twice about taking them with you – we’ve prepared a special program for them. The Master of the castle named Pilėnas and merry, medieval dinner will wait for You in the castle every Sunday from 2 pm and leave You an indelible impression.

For additional information or reservation please contact us

by phone:  +370-682-41155

or mail:

The price for dinner together with program is 70 Lt per person.

We are waiting for your visit.

Norviliškių pilis